Cooking FAQ

My husband is on a strict low fat / low cholesterol diet. But he loves pork. Is there any room for compromise here?

I'm confused. What's the difference between 'back', 'side', 'sweet and sour', and 'spare ribs'?

I'm told that if you don't cook pork to well done it could be dangerous, but I've also read that a touch of pink is OK too. What am I to believe?

My family is trying to avoid genetically modified foods. Is there any way I can tell if pork is genetically modified or not?

I'm told that pork, and meat products in general, are stuffed full of hormones. Is this true?

I love pork, but is it suitable as part of my children's diet?

I hear that you no longer have to cook pork to well done, but I'm also told that ground meats are hazardous if underdone, so what about ground pork?

Could you please tell me if uninspected pork from a local pig farmer is safe to eat?

I just brought pork home from the butcher's. It was all packed and wrapped and frozen. My question is: I forgot to put a box of chops in the freezer and some have thawed and some are still frozen and some slightly frozen. Can I re-freeze all the chops, or do I have to cook them?

Is pork a red or white meat?

I am planning a function in mid-September, and my main meal is going to be a barbecued whole hog. I would like some advice on cooking, and availability of suckling pigs in or near Toronto.

I would appreciate some advice on cooking a whole smoked pork shoulder?

What is "seasoned" pork?

Why is Beef aged and not Pork?

Why are some Pork cuts pale and some quite dark?

Why does some pork have an odour to it?

What is Freezer Burn, and is it harmful?

What is the best way to store my Pork?

How do I tell if my Pork is ready on the BBQ?

What are the Leanest Cuts of Pork?