Pork Basics


Pork is perfect for everyday meals, like a “ready-in-30-minutes” pork tenderloin for the family, and for special occasions,  ham or Crown Roast of Pork. Pork can be as easy or as involved as you choose to make it. Choosing the right pork cut for your dish is the first step, from quick pork chops and pork cubes for stews and stir-fries to larger roasts that feed a crowd. Thanks to improved feeding and breeding techniques, pork producers provide us with meat that is leaner than ever. Easy instructions and recipes will help you make something delicious that your whole family will enjoy. Try something new from the array of pork available at your butcher or meat case tonight!

Remember that not all pork in the grocery case is Canadian, so don’t forget to ask your local retailer to provide Canadian Pork and serve your family the finest quality, while supporting Canadian farm families too.