Mexican Pork Chops

Casual Fare

From “quick and easy” to “tried and true”, these recipes offer crowd-pleasing options for you. Combining your favourite cuts of pork with simple ingredients, the results will be sure to please!

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Jamaican Jerk Chops

International Flavours

With influences from Asia to the Caribbean to Greece and beyond, these intercontinental options will have you yearning for more.  From sweet to savory, these sensational flavours can meet the most discerning tastes.

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Honey Citrus Pork

Kid Approved

Picky eaters?  In a time crunch?  These crowd-pleasers will have your home crew lining up for seconds.  Who could have known cooking with your favourite pork options could be made so easy?

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Red and Green Pork Roll-ups 1

Lighter Options

Why not pair lean cuts of pork with healthy ingredients on these tasty options?  If you’re after a lighter alternative, check out these taste sensations.

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Orange Hoisin Loin Chops 1

Quick & Easy

Time, don’t fail me know! The minutes may tick away, but these “fast and fabulous” options will meet your criteria for creative meal options and flavours on the go.

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Barbados Chops with Black Bean Relish 1

Special Occasions

Need to find that perfect dish to match that important occasion? With a flavour to match every celebration, these choices are such to make your special event a resounding success.

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