Nutrition Facts

Which cuts of pork are leanest*?

  • Pork tenderloin
  • Pork chops and pork steaks
  • Pork roasts
  • Pork leg (or ham)
  • Pork cutlets/Pork Scaloppini
*Per 100 gram (cooked) serving, trimmed. Source: Canadian Nutrient File, 2007b

Pork is Trans Fat free

Pork contains no trans or hydrogenated fats, naturally. The only meats that contain trans fat are from ruminant animals (beef, lamb, goat).

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Pork is Low in Sodium

Fresh pork cuts are naturally low in sodium. There is an average 55 milligrams of sodium in a 100 gram serving of pork; this is only 2 % of the Daily Value for sodium. Pork that is processed (ham, bacon, etc) or pork labeled as “seasoned” will have added sodium (check the label).

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Nutrient Value of Canadian Pork

There are a wide variety of fresh and cured (processed) pork cuts. To find the nutrient facts about your favourite pork cuts, download this PDF file featuring the Nutrient Value of Canadian Pork found in Fresh and Cured Pork Cuts.